Fulbright Program collaborative plan on Sustainable Development for AY 2013-2017

International Collaboration Department

 Area of the sustainable development educational program collaboration:

"Materials Science for Sustainable Development"

 "Novel materials solutions shall make a difference in coping with climate change, tightening energy supply, ageing society, public health, security and the demand of sustainability" (cf. Lund Declaration, 2009).

In this context,  materials technology, together with biotechnology and information technology, is considered as one of the mega-technologies that shall have the most pronounced impact on industrial development and the quality of life in the near future. Advanced materials can be held as an enabling technology for innovations in a number of sectors, including the energy, automotive, aerospace, electronics and machinery industries.


Area manager:
Corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Science, prof. Sergiy Sidorenko, Head of Metal Physics Department

Tel:+38 (044) 454-91-99

Fax: +38 (044) 236-09-92

E-mail: sidorenko@kpi.ua

Materials Science and Education research areas related to Sustainable Materials at the Metal Physics Department:

- Creative E-Learning for technical education: strategies, models, and methods in Materials Science;
- Computational materials science, computational materials design. 
- Nano solutions to sustainability. Epitaxial nanoscale silicides films. Applications of nanoscale materials for industrial products;
- Termoelectrisity.Energy saving glass coatings;
- Reliability of materials.Surface nanoscale layers processes as a driving force for volume composition changes.
- Biocorrosion resistance. Biotechnologies for heavy metals utilization from industrial polutions; - Biocompatable metallic materials. Sensors. - Analysis and investigation of advanced materials.


Project manager:
Dr. Ganna Kholmska, Senior Lecturer of Metal Physics Department

Tel:+38 (044) 454-97-71

E-mail: anna_kholmska@kpm.kpi.ua

List of BS and MS Materials Science Courses related to Engineering of Sustainable Materials (PDF file)



 Scientists from the USA with whom our department has a history of collaboration

Michael J. Naughton, Department of Physics, Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


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