Together – to a society of knowledge and information, to high physical technologies

·  We are training universal, wide profile specialists in the fields of high technology at the intersection of materials science, computer science, medicine and biology, able to simultaneously conquer scientific, innovative and commercial heights!

·  We are work for those who go to university for quality knowledge and high qualification. Therefore, we provide in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge in the fundamental science, natural science, computer science, general engineering, applied sciences combined with industry and scientific skills. This provides an opportunity for graduates to have a fast-paced career in any area of ​​public life!

·  Contract form of education and second education on preferential terms (only for students of KPI) in the field of science of law, economics, management, linguistics, sociology, biotechnology, etc. – it is profitable for the future (and inexpensive – by European and world standards)!

·  Our department sends the best students to study at the Ukrainian-German faculty with the diploma of two sponsoring universities – Otto-von-Guericke, Magdeburg and KPI.

·  We see our future development in attracting metal-physics students to the scientific work at the department, to the organization at the world standards of educational, scientific, organizational work and international activity with the participation of young people!

· The department is dominated by a constructive, scientifically dominant, student-friendly and graduate-friendly atmosphere. There are many teachers and scientists under 35-40 years old at the department.

·  Our specialists are in demand: among the graduates of the department, incl. – in recent years, there is no unemployed person. When distributing, there are two to three job offers for each.

But mastering the department’s curriculum is not an “easy stroll through the youth.” This must be realized when deciding on the choice of specialty. On the other hand, a high level of requirements ensures the selection of talented young people (it also influences the formation of a positive microclimate in the department), which already during training shows its abilities and achieves results in science and social activity.